Partenariat Naxos 2006

Bechara El-Khoury : New York, Tears and Hope;
The Rivers Engulfed

1. New York, Tears And Hope For Orchestra, Op.65
2. Brouillard (Fog)
3. Chant Du Silence (Song Of Silence)
4. Alerte (Alert)
5. Lutte Struggle
6. Chant Des Fleuves (Song Of The Rivers)
7. Sextour Pour Violins (Violin Sextet, Performed By 24 Violins), Op.58
8. Wave Pour Piano, Op.60
9. Fragments Oublies (Forgotten Fragments), Op.66

Compositeur: Bechara El Khoury

Chef d'orchestre: Daniel Harding, Martyn Brabbins

Orchestre: London Symphony Orchestra
(Piano), et al. : Dimitri Vassilakis

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